I tried it and it failed, obviously. I had tied a jacket around a fan and was starting to suffocate when the knot came undone and I fell to the floor. The next day, I told someone and went to a mental hospital. I was put on new meds, received therapy, and you know what? It really helped. I feel better now than I have in years. So if you're hurting and the only thing holding you back from telling is fear of the psych ward, just know that it's not nearly as bad as it's made out to be. There is no real Arkham Asylum! I received plenty of help, made many new friends, and came out of it genuinely happier. Good luck to all of you who are struggling! Don't be afraid to tell someone!
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Yeah, mental hospitals really aren't that bad. I can see maybe if there's some low budget one or something, but in general, they're nothing to fear.

Good advice, thank you. I'm afraid of what I'll put my family through if I go to one though. My friend was in one and it was very stressful for everyone who cared about her