When I was 15 years old and a freshman in High School I absolutely hated my life. Everything just wasn't going right for me. My family just didn't understand what I was going through, nor did they really seem to care. My grades were slipping, my body was changing, my family was fighting, and my best friend passed away all while I was just trying to figure out my place in High school. On January 3rd 2012 I attempted suicide by cutting my wrists on my bathroom floor. My older brother (18 and a senior in high school at the time) found me bleeding to death and almost unconscious. I spent an entire month in a mental care facility where I as diagnosed with depression and social anxiety, and then I continued to see a psychologist and a therapist after I was released until right before I started my sophomore year of high school. I still wasn't all that happy, but I had my anti-depressants, my family, and my boyfriend to help me. On December 11th of 2012 I found out I was pregnant and it changed my life forever. I started trying harder in school, eating healthier, and mending broken relationships all for my child. I wasn't depressed anymore. Today, I am almost nineteen years old with three beautiful children and a loving boyfriend. I am as happy as could be and I am so glad that I was given the chance to make my life what it is today.
Royaladdi Royaladdi
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2015