Yesterday I Googled how to kill myself (to find the best and most effective painless way) and I found this site. I'm liking this site so far and am feeling better today.
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Happy to know you didn't. Regardless of what led you to decide to end such a young life, I'm happy that you didn't. And I don't even know you.

Thank you <3 I hope all is well and understood with your life right now (:

I too am working things out. Not even close to the point of considering ending it all, but working on life's little problems.

Why would a question about suicide lead you here?

A question on how to was on this site. I went to comment and asked if I wanted to make an account.

Yeah, I've done the same in the past, funny enough there weren't any simple ways to do it :/

That's similar to how I found this website

Strange isn't it. That's how I got here. Haven't left, may have changed my name but still here. Met some great friends here and they help me in my dark times. The demon though still lurks within.
Stay awhile and see for yourself. But be warned , there are some bad apples here too.

Cool. I don't know you but am really glad you didn't do anything to yourself.