Today is a new day. I know that.
Yesterday it was awfull. I tried to kill myself after one year. I'm just feeling like crap at home. My mother keeps yell at me. She is the only person who makes me sad and angry. So yes. I took too many pills. I feel so weird.
I couldn't sleep this night. My stomack hurts. And I feel like I am on drugs. So I need to tell you that you need to be happy and not so stupid like I am. I'm really sorry that I did it again.
I hope you all have a nice day.
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What did you take? Please go throw it up. School is starting up again so speak to a school counselor or an adult. Move out when you're 18 and leave the life that makes you happy. Seek professional help of necessary. Though once you're old enough to leave you'll probably be okay.

I took antidepressants..
I did throw up yesterday. I took pills at 10.00 pm.
The problem is that I am 18 since 11th december. But It's all the same. She doesn't want to know how I feel. She just thinking that she has always right. I'm scared. I'm scared that I will never be strong again.

And it doesn't help if I tell anyone. I tell this so many people and It's all the same.

What was she yelling at you for?

She is not really normal. She thinks that she has everything right. She doesn't listen to me. She hates my boyfriends. She is saying that everything is my fault. And It makes me so weak. I wrote something about this about two weeks ago. Look for it.

If you had the money and were 18, it would be best to move out

Yeah that's the problem. I don't have my own money yet. But I will do this when I'll have money. But they really can't let me go. I want to go somewhere but they don't let me.