my experience in the past cause me to feel depressed. back in my highskul days i was a victim of bullying the whole yr was rily an awful experience for me. from then i begun to start feeling of sad.. iam not that extrovert type before but i do have frens around.. i grew up in conservative family.. my father was never been close to me and all i got is the support of my close fren wen it comes to emotion. i always cry and talk to God that it happen ti me.. i tried many times to comit suicide using blade and knife to cut my risk out of anger and deep sadness. several times i thought of kiling myself.. even planning and writing a list on paper on how to end my life. experience of losing my mom grandma..and my close fren is painful.. i never got emotional suport from my family particularly wid dad hu then i feel. that he dont care wid me.. i never been vocal wid my feelings to my family.. i kept it.. and wenever iam sad i just cry n lock in my rum n hurt even bangin my head into wall tried. but now i learn that comiting suicide one of mortal sin that cannot be forgiven by God. wenever i felt it agen i open the BIBLE and pray to God To gve me mor strenght. still fighting!
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sorry :( *hugs*