-Trigger warning-

I've been depressed a long time. I have attempted suicide several times but stopped myself last minute. I was going to drown myself it was in the shower and I laid down and started letting water full my mouth and lungs, everything started going dark around me and I started to fade out. But something in me told me to stop and got myself back up and tried to go on with my day. I have attempted suicide several different ways but I always stop myself in the very last moment. I am trying to move on from my pain and live. I just tell myself everyday "one more day" in hopes it will get better. Because we were all put here on the world for a reason and I believe that. I can't leave everyone I love and love me without a explication. I have to keep trying and I want you to know that whatever you guys are going through you just have to get through them and live another day, because someday things have to get better. There are people who care and you just have to find them.
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I'm glad you changed your mind. I signed up here because I saw this post and wanted to offer support. I care, I've been there and it's hard but it does get better. Remember that what the depression tells you isn't reality, just an opinion when you're feeling really ill. It passes, you can get through it and fight to have a better life and give all the bad crap some payback for once. It's worth trying hard. You're worth trying hard. And hearing you and connecting with you helps others and myself, too. I wish you all the best.

Wow thank you. That is amazing advice. Really uplifted me. Thank you so much. I will try 😊

And your reply makes my day :-)