When I was in high school I was suicidal and even took a half a bottle of sleeping pills. I was extremely depressed, but with treatment over many years my suicidal voices stopped. However, depression always lingers in those who suffer from it. Lately I have been depressed and kind of started thinking about suicide... Very scared I'm going down that dark path. It's scary I have to tell my fiancé soon, and it breaks my heart because he will think it's due to him when in all honest truth he is the ONLY person I need and love. Depression and suicidal thoughts are a *****... For those of you that also suffer, don't listen to the voices and fight for your happiness.
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3 Responses Jan 24, 2016

been through a depressive suicidal phase, it is the worst illness as you cannot explain accurately how you feel to someone and you are afraid to seem weak even if you try to do so.

so you become isolated, even though I had a million friends, I still felt alone and helpless.

Was there a reason why you were feeling depressed and suicidal?

I know the feels of depression. Mine is like... so much worse!

Yes, thanks for letting me know this!

Alright. I will tell you more.

I feel you, depression for those who suffer from it is always a part of them. Are you on any meds?