I don't think this is the place for me.
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It's okay not to be okay and it's not great when life traps you in a dark black loop hole where misery is out on a convey belt and never ends. I hope you'll find peace and you find happiness in life- you don't deserve sadness and pain.

I said that as a joke because of my username. lol

Oh right! Whoops sorry!

It's all good.

You should consider suicide little *****

good then die you little *****

HA. I only chose to be a part of this group to make a joke because of my name.

don't care DIE *****

Ha. You respond like some 12 year old.

you should know

No I wouldn't. Oh man, you just made my night.

you know you're only 12 yourself

No I'm not. And you're like, 60, right?


Oh, nice. How productive you are. A 60 year old throwing insults a ******* 10 year old would make.


Just kill yourself already.

o.k. little wormy

You're making me cringe so hard right now.

because that's what will be feeding off of you are the worms

Yeah, they will. In like 70-80 years.

no you have them in your stomach

Oh, dude. Nice insult. Oh man, you got me.

and why are you still up? won't your mom be mad if she catches you playing on the internet?

Nah, it's cool. She doesn't mind. But what about you? Why are you still up? Are you too afraid to go to sleep because you'll **** the bed or something?


Or are you too afraid that your 60 year old can't take the fact that you're sad and arguing with someone who doesn't give a **** about you and that your petty insults were only beneficial to me and not yourself, and that you're afraid that your heart won't be able to bare with how stupid you sound and just stop working? Did I get it somewhere around there?

little kid you need someone to talk to don't you? lol

Nah, I'm perfectly fine.

I'm not the only one that knows you're a little *****. sorry about your luck punk. you just got another answer to your question deal with it. later sad little girl

Aww, you're leaving? I wanted to cringe more from your ****** insults.

you're too clingy your creeping me out later. hahaha

that's not funny

Aww, did I hit a soft spot? Did the person who was telling me to kill myself get his feelings hurt?

one little troll, two little trolls. rake amateur!!!! that you are.

back to trolling school for you. don't come back until you pass elementary.

You would know about elementary. ******* yourself is something you do during those years.

hahaha yeah as quite as it's kept you still pee the bed too.

LMAO You're just making up the shittiest insults. The cringe is ******* real.

right but we know the truth of the matter. you pissy too lol

Sure dude, you're just so insecure about your own faults that you have the need to try to make others seem like you.

sorry you shouldn't have been saying them bad things about me and i wouldn't have let your secret out that you have the same problem. bad idea. lol

That's pretty much the insult of a child. You're using the "Stop talking about yourself" insult that a child would make. In case you didn't know what that is, since you have the mindspan of a child, it's when someone says something like "oh, you're dumb" and the other kid says "stop talking about yourself". That's pretty much what you're doing. That's just sad.

what an AWESOME child.

Sure, if you consider that awesome. I don't. I think it's ******* stupid. But whatever, so yeah, we done here? Because I'm getting tired of having to come back to your **** insults.


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