I tried to yesterday morning I almost did succeed I tried to take the bottle of pain killers and I remember I blacked out and next thing I know I'm in the hospital and my parents hugging me and crying telling me that they were sorry that they weren't there for me and that they loved me so my mom told me that she had the worse feeling and that made her go upstairs to go see me and she discovered me unconscious with no pulse and I wasnt breathing so they called 911 and I was rushed in a ambulance and they had to pump the pills out of me so then the medical examiner saw and she looked at me and saw my body and she saw that I had trauma to my vagina and my butt hole and then my parents were shocked about that because they didn't think i was having sex so they came to the conclusion I was raped and so they called a detective and I was kinda mean to her I'm not going to lie and then she started pushing me saying did my dad do this and I just stuck to the story that I was riding my back that fell and hurt my between my legs..but I wanna let people know I'm fine
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You need to tell someone that cares and can help you. Keeping this secret will kill you from the inside like how it is starting to do. There is no real solution to trauma, although there is treatment to help get past it! I suggest that you find help! You have a whole life ahead of you, don't let these degenerate ******* rapists bring you down! By living, you are standing up to them. I suggest prosecuting them but that is your choice. Have faith!

Please, you need to tell them the truth...

So who abused you? Cause I am not buying that story? Who are you afraid of? If you tried to end it then you should not be afraid to tell someone what is going on? Because who ever it is will keep doing it and if not you someone else!

I'm so glad your OK. I was worried about you. how are you feeling now?

sounds like a terrible ordeal to go through, trying to kill yourself and waking up to find you're still alive

What country are you in?