When I was young, I have been through bullying, isolation of others, lonely, low self esteem, followed by depression, to PTSD, to other things like bad relationships, etc.
I can't say how many times but I know I tried more than 2 to kill myself.
I tried hanging myself but it honestly wasn't for me. I tried over dosing on pills, which had no effect but make me sick enough to lay in bed all day. I tried cutting a vein open, which did not work because I end up passing out from crying and being exhausted. I always did think of killing myself however. Jumping infront of a car was a popular thought at the time. Car accidents. Getting beat to death. Dying from losing a lot of blood from cutting. It was such an unhealthy mind set I had.

Now I do not think about me killing myself. Still struggling with the self harm thoughts however. But I will get over this as well.
If anyone out there knows the feeling of being very depressed and or suicidal, many People have. You can heal yourself. You can escape this dark world you are in. It maybe a long long process but it gets better. And you'll learn from it.
After all the crazy things I have been through, I have became a very caring loving trusting person. I am honest and do not want to see people hurt each other or themselves.
This world needs people to love each other instead of inflict more pain.

Even through it all...I survived.
I made it.
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1 Response Mar 23, 2016

I am in the situation of trying to kill myself.... trying to harm myself... being depressed... having borderline personality disorder.... and Idk when I will get better....