That Day

about a month after i turned 18 i came out to my parents. they flipped and i was scared they were going to kick my out so i moved out. i lived with my best friend. her dad was in and out of the hospital while i lived there. i spent alot of time there with her and her mom. i missed alot of school and work to be with them through this. so as you mightve guessed i fell in love with her. unfortuantely she was straight. one day her dad was coded. they thought he was going to die very soon and i was suposed to go on a trip to chicago for school. i almost cancelled that to be at home with her. but things started to get better so i went. i got home and a couple weeks later things took a turn for the worst. by now he hs become like family member to me so this hurt. but after we moved him to hospice things looked good and my best friends mom thought that we should go home for the night to get some rest. not even ten minutes after we got home her mom called and told her to sy goodbye. he died while she was on the phone with him. i rushed her back to the hospice place. i had never seen anyone go through so much pain. it hurt so much to have to see my best friend go through that. for the next few days all she did was sleep. it broke my heart to see her like that. finally the day of the funeral came. it was the day before her birthday. her and i got into a big fight and then someone from work just had to **** me off even more. i couldnt handle have her this mad at me. she wouldnt even talk to me. so i looked myself in the bathroom. i remembered my depression medication was in there. i decided i would over dose. but everytime i would hear her voice i would stop. then finally she stopped walking past. so i did it. i took seven pills. that was double the deadly dose. finally there was a knock on the door and it was her. the instant i heard her i regretted what i did. but i am very thankful for her because she realized what happened and called the ambulance. she saved my life. unfortunately a month or two after the happening she ended our friendship. i still think about her everyday. she will always be in my heart.

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