I Tried

i tried killing my self when i was 14, i did this because i was getting bullied and i also had problems f my own.  But after that one i have tried about 4 other times and am now trying again all i can do is hope that this time it will work out for me as everything is getting too much for me.  

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

and i am hoping it doesnt work in fact im hoping just hoping that mabe you will think who cares what anybody else thinks i will live my life and i will live it full of adventure and happienes no matter how hard things get. and if people don't like it then well they can shuv it up their A** =)

dont look at death as a way out. its not. its the end of something can could have been so beautiful and happy. dont let yourself be pulled down so far. only you can take control over your life, you can build yourself up, you can be happy. you need to believe that, you need to stop thinking of ending it and think about how your going to begin.