My Son

I am  the single parent of sevnteen years old special needs son he has a multitude of problems both menttal and physcial .and to make his life even harder his mother whats nothing to do him and i'm doing the best i can for him but had my share of problem s  to i never finsh ed l was in special ed classees and this i guess is part of the problem myson  has inherited alot of his problem from me except in his case its worse .and nobody take s me serious when i try to at least talk about it i wet the bed my son wets and poops him self i have some day time wettig my has to be changed almost hourly for his wetting & meesing they tell me right now he has a mental abilty of a 5 yrs old durling the day he's in special classes and a special day care and to find any kind of program would take him because he's not quote toilet trained well if anybody thiinks this easythen they should try dealing with for 24 hours at  home i do it all i do the cleaning the laundry the cookjng  the changing and the bathing the working,paying the bills  not a penny 1 of public assitance. so i like find som support here not no ab/dl that not what it 's about yes wes we need to wear diapers for not for fun

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

As far I read your profile I can honestly say I find you being a great humans being an a great father. What you're doing for that kid is amazing! I wish I had a father figure like you are! I'll keep you in my prayers. Hope you 2 are doing alright! Lots of love!