Dental Procedure Gone Wrong! 2008

My experience originally started with a routine dental cleaning. The hygienist chipped a tooth while cleaning and the dentist said that i would need to come back to have that taken care of. He said it wasn't a bad chip and that i didn't need to rush back. a couple months went by when i started to experience a pain in the area where she had chipped my tooth. i went back on a Thursday and had a root canal done immediately. i walk out of there with a golf ball size hematoma in my cheek. (i didn't know it then though). I called my boss to say that i was in pain, she told me that she had it done before and that i should be able to come back the next day, a Friday. I'm a receptionist and i came in still with a huge bump and in severe pain. but since id never had a root canal done before i didn't know that my pain wasn't supposed to be that bad. i called my dentist and went right after work. he opened up the canal and "cleaned" it out and patched it up again. Turns out, he said that it was the tooth next to the one he worked on that needed the root canal. i sat there and was angry! he ended up doing my second root canal. i went home that Friday evening and the pain got worse. i was given vicodin, antibiotics and rest. I started having spasms of pain every few minutes. My mother had to call several doctor friends on our street who came to see me as i was wrenching in pain. i had an army dentist see me and he said i needed to see an oral surgeon and a neurologist. this was a Saturday and i needed help fast and thankfully i was able to find a maxillofacial surgeon and he referred me to an oral surgeon the same day. she finished up my dental i needed 2 more root canals. she was careful with the needles when she numbed me up. by then the pain had subsided slightly but just enough to be comfortable. That same night, the pain came back ten-fold. My mother took me to a hospital for some relief. They couldn't help me there since they didn't have an on-call neurologist. I was told to go to another hospital that had a neurology department. I got there and i was given a Demerol injection. This on top of the vicodin meds i was on. I was sent home because they didn't have a neurologist to see me and would need to make an appointment. by this time, my mother was desperate to get me help and pain free, i didn't understand why i was having this excruciating pain. on our way home, myself drugged up and still in pain,i tried jumping out of my moms car. i wanted to die, i cried out and told her to kill me, shoot me, do something, anything just dint let me live this way. i was losing control of the pain. i was having a panic attack. i was experiencing the worst pain i could ever imagine. i felt helpless and victimized. i felt as if i was being tortured alive. mom finally got me home and i couldn't move during the spasms. i timed them, every 8 minutes. sadly i began to know to expect an episode which seemed to make things worse. my brother came to see me, my boyfriend was called to my mothers house. i needed him to see the severity of my pains. my neighbors were called because my mother didn't know what else to do...i was having these episodes in front of them and at that point i didn't care. i screamed and felt bad that my 7 and 11 years olds were seeing me this way. but i couldn't help it. i thankfully got an emergency appointment with a neurologist that Monday morning and was told that the numbing injection from the dental procedure went too far and made contact with a nerve, thus the golf ball size hematoma. which he was surprised no one took that as a concern. that then went on to put pressure on my trigeminal nerve. no pain meds could take care of the pain and he was surprised that i even lasted as long as i did. i was given 3 different kinds of meds and the tegretol was what worked immediately. for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, which was only 5 days...i felt like i was in control. i could breathe again and not feel afraid that in 8 minutes id feel an attack coming on. I was scared though. i was able to go home to my boyfriend and although i did experience aftershocks, my boyfriend took care of me and gave me my medicine to ease my pains. it took several weeks for the pains to finally go away. being on the medications, prompted my birth control to weaken and we became pregnant with twins. we were sent to a specialist since the tegretol can produce birth defects. i was devasted. i immediately was taken off at my own discretion for fear of harming the babies. and although we did go through some trying times with this pregnancy due to the meds, we ended up delivering two healthy baby girls 1 month early. its now 2011, and every 3 months or so, i experience some pain in spurts. i start to get an earache and headache and branches of pain in my right cheek area. it can last for several days and then it goes into remission.
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Theres really no words to describe the magnitude of the pain, is there?<br />
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I never like to say Your Fortunate, to someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia.... theres nothing fortunate about it..... But, I can say im happy that you found a doctor and a med so quickly to help you.<br />
It took me three full years of that pain, with the ache of ATN, to find help.....<br />
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THAT OTHER GUY.... you hit the nail on the head..... there ARE alot of doctors who should not be doctors, they just dont care enough or have enough of a range of knowledge, or both, to help people like us..... yep.....<br />
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Hang in there!

you are so fortunate that the tegretol worked for you as promptly as it did. it took a couple of years worth of trial and error before i was finally put on gabapentin [neurontin]. all totaled, i was having problems at a steadily increasing rate for about five years. i recently saw that this is referred to as the 'suicide disease'...and we both know why. horrifying to think that something as vicious as this pain....cannot kill you. it just makes you WANT to die!! it is intractible that of cancer, where no narcotics give relief. i've had stadol that numbed every part of me....except the side of my head. you have my full sympathy....hugs, sunni