Re: Sinus Infection--cause Of Relapse? Or Mistaken For Tn?

I have had some mild symptoms related to sinus infection--a tiny bit of congestion, a sneeze here or there, etc.--but nothing prominent. I have had TN since 1997 I believe, with several years between pain periods at first. In the last four years it has been every six months or so, roughly. Three days ago sharp pains came back (I am kind of always aware of my face and the nerves in it, if that makes any sense) with a vengeance, but my face is also swollen right now, with congestion in my left nostril (same side as the pain and the swelling.) Do sinus infections cause relapses? Or am I confusing a bad sinus infection that is almost asymptomatic with TN relapse? Any thoughts?
honeygirl0511 honeygirl0511
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Whenever I get the TN pain, it is nearly always just during or after a sinus infection. I'm convinced they are related.