Re: Very Strange Episode Of Tn...or Frustrating...or Both...

I am beginning to wonder if there will ever be a way to gauge if the TN has returned or what to expect when it does.

The last several relapses (since 2008) were on the left side of my face, though years before the pain was on my right side at various times. A week or so ago the pains came back on my left side. I went to the my PCP and ruled out a sinus infection, only to come down three days later with a horrible upper resp. infection that required a shot of antibiotic. Now, since yesterday, I have a dull ache and sporadic shooting pain on my RIGHT side. I do not know for sure how to explain it other than to say I am aware of my ear canal, jawline, and throat in addition to the pain in my cheek. I have a dental bridge on that side and no other teeth with decay. This is so strange. The ongoing, dull ache does not relent. The shooting pain comes and goes as expected.

I'm confused. Is the pain related to the upper resp. infection and the excessive drainage? Is it the TN? Is it both? Maybe what is frustrating now, in addition to sitting at my desk and massaging my face in an attempt to relax the tension I feel there, is that this disease keeps evolving and has yet to follow consistently the patterns and symptoms that are so documented. That is, except for the progression; I went many years between episodes, but since 2008 have had fairly regular relapses. Anyway, any thoughts?
honeygirl0511 honeygirl0511
31-35, F
Sep 25, 2012