Ditto Your Pain

I to am suffering with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I to have suffered this terrible pain for 6 years. I was first diagnosed with this when I was rushed to the ER because I had an allergic reaction to a pain medication my oral surgeon gave me not thinking I was allergic to codine. He was only trying to help relieve my pain until I could see a neurologist. Besides the allergic reaction to the hydrocodine (which didn't help at all) my blood pressure registered at 210/170. They gave me nytroglecerine to bring the pressure down before the could administer any more pain medication. All the while I was still suffering with the horrible pain and my daughter begging them to give me something for the pain. My blood pressure finally came to a safer level and they gave me a shot of demoral. It was the sweetest thing I ever received and it allowed me to sleep for the first time in days. I was admitted to the hospital and saw a cardialogist and a neurologist. The neurologist diagnosed me with Trigeminal Neuralgia and immediately put me on a medication called carbamazepine better known as tegretol. It worked for a while put soon the pain was back. He up the dose and it worked for a while but it was back again. He prescribed another medication called gabapentine to use along with the tegretol. That also worked for a while but the pain was soon back again. He again increased my medication but it has not done anything to relieve the pain. From what I know the next step would be surgery. While researching I found there were several different types of surgeries now, but I also have some other medical problems that these surgeries could cause some fatal side affects. I was ready to try anything until I found a place on line in South Carolina that uses a non evasive laser treatment. Have any of you heard of this clinic? If so, have you used them before? Although I have read the success stories on their website I am still curious if anyone else other than those on their website have heard of them or know of anyone who have used them before.

Pain Suffer from California
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Jan 7, 2013