Constant Pain In My Teeth Following Oral Surgery

I have never had great teeth. I am 28 years old and have had a lot of work done, but by high ranking professionals. I developed an infection over my front tooth from a failed root canal. In july they decided to do an apicoectomy to save the tooth. A week later I had a root canal on one of my bottom back teeth. Probably the worst root canal pain I had ever felt. Not even a week later, I started getting this "surface pain that penetrated" deep into my teeth on the entire right upper side. It would go from canine tooth and extend to my back tooth. The back tooth though, ached terribly. Then I would get pain jumping all around my mouth. I went to about 7 oral specialists, X-rays upon X-rays and no one could find anything wrong. They all said it is probably neuralgia or atypical facial pain, though I am very young to have this. I was put on tryleptol (if thats how you spell it) and the pain has calmed a bit, but I still experience horrible pains. I am still in denile. I feel like I need dental work done. Living with this kind of pain is crippling. I am afraid to go out anywhere-in case of having an attack while eating with a friend. I was told in a year or two it could just disappear. I do not see this happening. Anyone else have this sort of situation going on where its just like musical chairs of terror in your mouth??
bookstabern1 bookstabern1
Jan 22, 2013