Does It Qualify As A Disability

I have suffered malodour for years moved from doctor to another therapy to another super products name them it is very hurting when people see you are a lesser person due to a problem one has no control over. It's sad when everyone one you try to talk to pretend not to know what your talking about but laugh at you and gossip its sad after investing do much in education no one wants to employ you or work with you it hurts hurts anyone with a solution
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I know exactly what you mean.I have had bad breath and body odor for years myself.I agree with what youre saying about tmau being a disibility.I quit my last job in Retail because my coworkerr and customers act like they couldnt be in my presence for extensive periods.Holding their noses,stepping back when I talked,frowning faces.All I can do is ignore what I know is going on-I STINK and there is nuthing that can cure me.I do alot of research almost everday.Try all the diets,vitanimins,and other remedies suggested by other sufferers.I still smell.Sometimes not as bad as some days but I have relized that this is me and that this is a disease I will live with for the rest of my life.I hope that you will respond to my comment.Im glad WE ARE NOT ALONE.MY name is NewYork.

No, you cannot get disability for TMAU directly. You may be able to get disability for the mental social aspects of the disorder, ie. depression, anxiety, PTSD. Ask your mental health professional what they think.