I have died on fly agaric mushrooms every thing went blank then I came back to life later I was back at home laying in bed and I died again but this time I didn't come back to life I got graged back down some steeps past every one els that had Eva died each soul took up a steep starting from the first eva human death to me right at the bottom I accepted this but when I got to the bottom Every thing went blank the whole world everything I ever new and seen just closed up I t a black dot and then that diapered to but then I was space or the solersistem I then that went blank to and faded away down to a black dot and there was just noughthing but I *** too and I was back at the last steeprealised that even though I was forced down the steeps I could walk back up freely so I did turned into a good and had to go up the stairs to haven so I did but when I got to the last steep I couldn't go throw not without my wife and 3 kids so I went back down to the level on the steeps wher normal time was I felt I was supposed to
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That's not what tripping is like at all, nice try though