Fly garic continued

I felt like I should just join my family here but I continued on further down past normal time as I did I could talk to my family as I went back past normal time every one was dead everyone I tried to convince my kids and wife to follow me to the top they were hesitant but started to follow as they followed we brought everyone with us and I mean every one who eva lived on earth I could feal Them rising with us all the land was coved with every one rising up to heaven with us the gates were wide open ready for all humens to join the next part of our gerny as gods because we are all sons and doughter a of God but my wife wouldn't take the last step and she had to join me on the top step the last steep befor any one else could she said to me I will come but I'm not ready just yet so I am patient and accept her decision and go back down to normal time. ( I hope she is ready next time)
davidlabriola davidlabriola
36-40, M
Aug 16, 2014