I Was Born With Trochlear Dysplasia

I was born with this terrible disability an im only 13 , I started having problems with it though when i was 7 yrs old . It is a constant battle i have been through a lot , I was dignosed with this on Feburary 14 , 2012 . My problems got so bad that i got put into a wheel chair for several months it was terrible . The surgen i had from the begining told me an my mother he didnt know what to do anymore so he sent me to another surgen an from that day to now I am getting better i had a surgery preformed on my leg that was the worse an I am recovering very well . He was a blessing sent to me , 5 to 6 weeks after my surgery i got to stand up an walk for the first time in a while an now im back on my feet still recovering at a normal speed an i am doing very well with every thing that is going on . I wont have any more problems with this knee any more hopefully even though i will always have the scars an the memories of it but i am very thankful for everything that has happened to me because if i didnt have this i wouldnt have got to meet all the wonderful an very helpful people i know today .
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I have it too when I was small I used to be afraid to run and would randomly fall down thinking that my bone has broken when in fact my knee cap had shifted out I am so glad you are doing well minw got detected 2 months back I had obviously cried but I made it my strength as of now I'm at a great position my muscles are strong and I'm very normal doing slight running also