It Just Feels Like Things Are Getting Out Of Control Again

I used to be so good handling my money, organised with bills and payments

lately its getting out of control again 

you would almost think someone is taking money out without me knowing

I am forgetful about bills and just can't seem to get it right anymore

It started around 2005 when I went on anti-depressants 

I was always broke spending too much on ebay out of loneliness 

when I was working part time it was ok I had a little extra cash to save

but nothing fruitful --- but when is it ever with me?

its not as if I am a millionaire --- far from it.

I will need to win the lotto to survive my old age I tell you. 

the way my parents are losing money in the stock markets and its pitiful.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

i'm always a week or two behind in payments lately and I am getting sick of it... and all these medical bills and my head aches so much trying to cope... and I swear these anti-depressants just make the brain more fuzzy... god help me... I need to win a a few million somewhere! <br />
<br />
<br />
all my dream is now is to one day get off welfare and own units and have a nice house where I can call the shots.... <br />
<br />
I dream of winning these two art union houses all the time lately...<br />
<br />
one in the hinterland with great views<br />
<br />
and the other units to have income...<br />
or I could win 50 million dollars and buy a rocket and send all the people who abused me on it to mars.<br />
and forget the world really exists...!