Sensitive Soul

Like Pumba in the Lion King, "I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned."

Part of that may come from being a perfectionist, raised by the Queen of Perfectionists.  If I've done something to the very best of my ability, it hurts if someobdy tells me it's not good enough.  It also hurts when people are overly harsh in their cirticsm.  I know that I make mistakes sometimes, but there is NO reason to be nasty when you point it out!

On the plus side, being oversensitive helps me to be gentle with others.  I'm very mindful that words have power, so I use them with care.
MossAgate MossAgate
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Aww, yes isn't that true. Sensitive people seem to be kinder. The world needs us.

I like that you enjoy the pro's and con's of how you are. :)