Critical Friends.

I have a friend who never hesitates to share what she's thinking. She calls it being blunt, but I think it's being rude. We've drifted apart the last year but still talk every once in a while and we only know each other through the internet, yet she feels she's fit to judge and criticize me. Ironically one of her major criticisms has been that she finds me to be judgmental. She's told me this, rather angrily, on several occasions because she constantly feels she's being persecuted. I'm a pretty polite person and actively try not to say anything to offend anyone yet she takes exception to every thing I say (but gives most others the benefit of the doubt constantly).
During our most recent conversation I mentioned not being sure if I wanted to return to grad school this Fall. She responded that she didn't think I had any purpose in being school and was just doing going to avoid the real world because, as she put it, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I was ever thrust into the real world. This statement really upset me. It is true that I'm afraid and unsure about my future, but did she really need to call me out that way? It's been a source of constant worry and upset for me. Who is she to say I have no purpose and wouldn't know what to do in the real world? She hardly knows me. I'm not ignoring her but I haven't gone out of my way to talk to her since. Maybe I'm being petty but in my book what she said was a pretty big insult. She's basically calling me incapable and incompetent. I don't need friends who think of me that way.
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I had a friend like that called sean he was pretty much the same always critival he used to call me names and pretty much do what you described. Eventually I just said to him "**** off okay just **** off" we didn't speak after that. I wouldn't recommend you completely sever ties with this person like I did but if she is awful then try and avoid her but not in such a way that you never see her again. You never know some people change in a couple of years she might not be so judgemental Me and sean are archenemies now and that is a situation you would want to avoid though still don't take any of her **** I mean that was offensive what she said to you you son't need that.

Sorry, I wrote my comment on the other page instead of this one. I am a little older than you but If you want to have peace in your soul and not to fear I will give you the remedy. You need not fear the world. The world will fear you. send me a note if you want to have these tools.