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Its horrible, I am extreemly sensitive. Mostly when it comes to the job i am doing. I work my *** off and so when i recieve neg. feedback it crushes me. My supervisor is really helpfull and sensitive to my need to please others so its working really well with her.

Even still it is hard to take criticism when I don't see the problem. I am although the first to own up to a mistake and take what i deserve.

26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2007

I clean a house for a friend of my Dad's once a week> sometimes she's really nice. But when she's had a bad day she lays in to me about something really. When she sees I might walk out she starts saying sorry and crying. I feel sorry for her but I can't take much more of that.

Yes, i have come to realize it is a goal in life to "over" task others with work in order to slam them when all your hard work crumbles in your hands. Thats what hit me lately.

I grew up with a coaches who wanted things to be perfect so criticism doesn't bother me. There you go! Go play a sport you suck at for a couple of years and then you won't feel so bad, lol. I am good at my sport but still get yelled at. Especially by the captain when he wants me to do something he can't, lol.