Hello Critic

Criticism can either build up or destroy me.
The dictionary definition of "critic" is: one who judges with severity; one who censures or finds fault". I have one of these guys, and he sits on my shoulder every minute of every day. He utters his criticism non-stop as he assesses my daily life performances. Indeed, he judges with severity and finds fault in my every thought, word, and action. I really don't like him at all; yet, I keep him around as a "friend" or "comforter".
My critic gets stronger when I receive criticism from others in my life. He draws great power from their words. Whomever said words will not hurt you was wrong! I remember hitting a long single in my childhood fastball game, and my coach told me, "Good hit, but you should have stretched it into a double." My critic hit me hard with, "You should run faster but you can't because you are too fat to get around that base any quicker than you did." Oh, what power he had with those words!
I am a trapshooter, and I have won several championships. For every one I did not win, I heard, "You should not have missed that easy target because it cost you." Oh, my critic had fun with that one. His power inflated immeasurably, as he hit me with, "Way to go. You just cost yourself the trophy. This was your last chance. You'll never win another one." I'd only lost by one target, but it was like losing by 15 or 20. Instead of feeling proud of myself for coming in second, I was devastated by my loss.
I lost 30 pounds in 3 to 4 months, and I was very excited and proud of my efforts. For the first time in those months, I ate a BigMac and fries. I was told, "Way to go. You just gained it all back." Oh, did my critic love that one! He grabbed hold of this like an iron jaw, and he did not let it go. "You'll never lose weight. You might as well keep on eating because you can't resist the junk food. That's it, feed yourself because you deserve the love from food. You'll never get the love anywhere else so enjoy!" I gained back every ounce, and once again ounces turned into pounds.
Oh, critic, you do have lots of power over me. You comfort me when I need it, and you push me over the edge when I need it. You are my friend when I have no one; yet, you can be my worst enemy. I nurture and protect you, and I allow you a free place to live; and what a comfortable life you live!
Today I am writing your obituary! "Here lies Critic, a man of many words. He lived a good life of leisure, filled with many great triumphs and victories. Alas! Today we bury him in complete defeat and failure, powerless to ever become victorious again."
My critic will revive himself in some other form, and he will sit upon my shoulder, where he will continue to judge me and find fault in my thoughts, words, and actions. When he does emerge, his power will be limited because I have taken control over him. When his words threaten to destroy me, I will squash him like a bug on a rug! "Hello, Critic," I can now say. "You have earned your place upon my shoulder, and I respect your words. I will listen to you and use your words to shape and mould my character into someone I can be very proud of. Thank you for helping me!"
We all need critics in our lives to mould and fashion us into people of character and compassion. Critics' words, when given with sincerity, can sharpen our personalities and improve our lives. We can embrace these words and use them to change our life's direction.
Unwanted critics who are cruel and inconsiderate have no place in our lives. They have no place in my life. Be gone!

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1 Response May 16, 2012

Bravo, my friend, on this superb piece of writing, end moreso on the victory over the power of your critic. I know that guy. He is a companion of mine as well. I must admit, I struggle to keep him in his place. But the next time he opens his mouth I will remember your story and I am sure that will help.

Thanks! Critic is very hard to bump from his home. He returns lots of times, and with vengeance on his mine! I have to persist hard in blowing him away! I wish you much repeated success.