I Hate Being Told "How" To Do Things

I don't mind being told what to do. Naturally you'll be doing things in accordance to a plan or a certain procedure, whether you were at school, work, or practicing your daily routine. You have to follow steps to do things right, or just trust your gut, take the risk to try something new.

Some people get distressed when you don't do things the way they're accustomed to doing. They believe that doing things differently is wrong, and that there's only one way to do things. People like them drive me to the limits of my patience; I get frustrated with their inexperience and lack of seeing the bigger picture. Their criticism is brushed off instantly, and that gets me into trouble (since I ignore their instructions).

Don't expect me to listen to limited-sense and expect me to abide by it. I wish that I can say this to certain people, but it'll cause a buzz between our relationship, and that will cost me. I should consider my approach very wisely *sigh*.
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1 Response Jul 8, 2012

Your story is the same as my story i hate that :(