As Long As the Cri...

As long as the criticism doesn't come from ANY family member NO, if the criticism is coming from a person i care and respect i welcome their criticism, even from complete strangers on this site, i appreciate it. Criticism allows me, as long as it is not mean spirited, to help me re-evaluate things i may be doing and re-challenge myself. A friend of mine from this site stated that he though that i was starting to cross the line with one particular person, by reaching out too much, and he said that maybe i was doing this to hide from my own problems. That was criticism, but it was by no way mean spirited, just a simple observation. He was RIGHT, i pulled back realizing that delving too much into other people's problems was really something i had done my entire life, hell if i deal with other people's problems then i don't have to deal with mine. If he reads this *Ward* thank you!!
AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 8, 2007