Critisism? Truth Or Hurt?

I agree with the Critisism being taken usually wrongly and how hurtful it can be, and in this day and age with cruel ironies and sarcasm and with just having to deal with nasty people in general how do you know why its put there to begin at all  to hurt on purpose or to let the world beware that there's something really wrong with us?  I've dealt with some pretty upsetting individuals who just seem to be in my life to make me want to do something bad, Is there a bridge closeby, gulp... Well you get the picture, all i can say my friends is Ignore the negative comments, and gestures especially if it comes from someone who doesn't know you from Adam and Eve, or when it comes from friends, who want to remain friends tell them to use less critical words, they of all people should understand you don't want a hard slap, even if you know at times we all deserve it.  Live Happy, Don'T Worry, life isn't that long to live just on  our problems alone.  man i wish i could take my own advice, Take Care Friends. o x o 
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1 Response May 8, 2007

yes thanks, this is so true i try to bumble though this life and i too bump in to from some nce to some of the most hidious monsters, i had the most unfortunate fate of haveing a monster dad , that looked and acted most of the time like a normal person but had a real dark side that has afected me ever since, even with him not in my life anymore the scars are still there in both mental and fisical, and its just nce that i now know of another nice spirit, you.<br />
hi my name is eli, really nice to meet you. x