My Mom Used to Criticize Me Al...

My mom used to criticize me all the time when I was younger, she used to tell me that I was ugly and fat, so I have grown up with that image ever since... even to this day i can't take criticism very well
GTMarie GTMarie
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 3, 2007

Sometimes we have to acknowledge that our parents simply didnt know better, parenting us when we were younger. They did things that had such an impact on us as children that they were not aware of.<br />
Not to give them excuses, but it's important to let go of that... leave it back in our childhood and move forward. <br />
I know it is hard. As a teenager, I was labeled all sorts of things: fat, shy, push-over.... Forgiving my parents for not knowing better has helped me move forward. Although I still struggle with it everyday.