How am I supposed to deal with my emotions when I'm CONSTANTLY harassed. I mean there is no outlets. Because I have been traumatized on all medias and electronic devises and my use for them as outlets has crippled my life. There's nothing more that I can do but to slowly go insane. I am now sure that these people want me to kill myself. F***. I'm -trying-. But you could do a better job of helping, honestly. I try to deal with my emotions but it's insanity to try because of the abuse that comes at me cripples me day in and out. I would go laughing into hell if I could.

Check out this group for online counselling. We are forming a group of unique counsellors. I hope you enjoy, and at least stop in!
I Want To Offer Free Counselling To Epers Group
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Not you. You're nice to me.