I Often Cant Find The Words

If I have someone to bounce ideas of off, someone clever, they soon help me organise my thoughts into words that truly describe what i mean, but often, i am misunderstood because i just cant figure out how to put it into words, and they aren'tĀ helping :P Its like people deliberately misunderstand because its easier.

Still, i often cant make ideas into words. I'm burdened by ideas more complicated than my vocabulary, not that i dont have a decent vocabulary, but not extensive enough im afraid, and i just cant articulate my thoughts well, because there is too much to get it into any real order, so i just blurt it out in whatever order it comes in, and it often comes out wrong.
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Odd, i cant reply to your reply..
Anyway, Bagbyblue..
I dont want to lose the misunderstandings, they are some of the most interesting conversations i ever have, and if they engage with you, you both end up with a far better understanding of what you meant than you did in the first place.

Go take the Landmark Forum. Some of the best money you will spend in your life.

What, is that some kind of thing that teaches me to express myself properly? So i dont get any more misunderstandings?

It helped me. I learned how to express myself and then clear up things when there was a misunderstanding.