Wasted Money

When my ex and I separated, I went into extreme depression cuz I thought it was all my fault.I started to cause injury to myself and even tried to kill myself.When I realised that I was hurting myself,I started to see a therapist.After three sessions she told me that I did not need a therapist,I was doing fine on my own.I was sitting in front of her with cuts all over my arms and she thinks I am ok?What college did she graduate from?So I quit going to her and found a support system to help me get out of it.She left a really bad impression of therapists in my head.
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1 Response May 29, 2007

Fortunately, not all therapists are like the one you got. It's sad when it happens, though. For those in similar circumstances, consider group therapy. It can so very powerful to bear witness to what other people go through, not unlike on this site where we are even anonymous.