It's Annoying Too...........especially to My Mom. =]

~ I have the hardest time finishing anything I start. I can't seem to keep at it. I have 2 books going right now. I have a novel I started when I was 16, it's 157 pages long & not finished. =[ I currently have a wall hanging started & a baby quilt almost done, but I haven't worked on either of them for at least a year. =[ Just little things like that. I never seem able to finish them..... ~

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Have you ever been tested for ADD. I was diagnosed with that and have similar habits. I constantly read multiple books at the same time and rarely finish one of them. I've read time management books and will use the methods for a short period of time and then they fall apart.
It's easy for people with ADD to not understand and think they can demand you to pay attention. But I'll tell you when I either follow a strict GAP diet or I take medication I'm a whole new person. My family didn't even believe I had ADD until the change in me when I got help.
You may not have ADD, but it's just a thought.... I struggled with it for 32 years before I was diagnosed and wouldn't want someone else to wait that long before getting some help.

You should set aside the novels and start reading something from the library concerning "time management" and "multi-tasking". Often people take on a task or project not fully aware of how much commitment is required. Fortunately there is no better research aid that the internet.

Make up your mind you will finish one of them at a time. Set aside time each day and be totally dedicated to working on that one thiing until your done. Then move on to the next one.YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! JUST MAKE YOUR MIND UP THAT YOU WILL!!!