Over the past couple of years I have had difficulty falling asleep. It seems that I cannot cross the threshold between being awake and being asleep. I lose concentration and as I fade into sleep I have a nervous twitch. Sometimes only one limb "jerks" but other times it can be my entire body.
It is as if I am fighting falling to sleep. As soon as I fall asleep it is as if I catch myself and wake myself up again. Often I feel like I cannot remember what I was last thinking. I then begin to have trouble distinguishing between being awake and being asleep. Sometimes this is so severe I feel emotionally "twitched" and I feel like moaning or crying; which is not like me at all.
Taking a Tylenol or Advil PM always helps.
Sometimes the feeling makes me feel I am going insane. I get "confused" as to what is real or not. I have looked at the clock to see I have been in bed for 3 hours. I believe I have been unable to sleep the entire time but then I decide I must have been sleeping since I do not remember the time that has passed as time I was awake.
I searched and could not find similar symptoms. My doctor told me it could be caused by another medication I am taking for anxiety.
I would like to hear other experiences or advice. Taking the Tylenol PM is not a good long term solution.
kwestion999 kwestion999
51-55, M
Aug 17, 2014