I Used to Be the Neatest and Tidiest Person I Ever Knew...

I used to be the neatest and tidiest person I ever knew... and then I got married. Got married to a person who could mess the house faster than you could say "mess"... and that is where all my troubles began. Initially seeing the mess used to get me all uncomfortable and restless... but no matter how much I worked, it would simply come back - too fast - before I had recovered my energies... at some point I stopped caring... I learnt to behave like him... I too started tossing newspapers onto the floor once I was done with them... that was a sad day... so now there were 2 of us who didn't care how the house looked... and the 2 babies learnt from us... that makes 4 of us... I still try sometimes... but end up frustrated... I find a child undoing my efforts even as I am working... sometimes the kids try to help, but they are so small... It's really very frustrating living in a constant mess... I simply don't have the will that I used to... the constant stress of living with someone who is basically incompatible with me, of having babies too close together, of managing the children... has worn me down... I never seem to have the time or energy. Help!
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Yeah absolutely, cleaning is often hectic and time consuming. But if we maintain a daily routine in cleaning it won't be much hesitating. Cleaning experts in UK, Mollymaid House given me certain cleaning tips to reduce the workload and time consumption.

When life seems overwhelming, which it often does for me, I follow the principle of studied neglect. i.e I rotate the areas I attend to and neglect on a rotational basis. It is one way of re-establishing a sense of control.

Yes, well, kids will do that no matter what example you set. I have 4 kids still at home and I have learned that a tidy house isn't possible. My strategy is to get the essentials done, delegate a bit, and then attack one room. I may not do a room a day, which the experts suggest, but as often as I can. This way at least it doesn't get too out of control.<br />
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But I solved the newspaper issue years ago. We don't get any.