Why Do They Have to Get So Big?!

I have commented on stories in this experience, but have now accumulated them here:

Shortly after I moved to the UK a huge hairy garden spider walked across the living room floor, I had never in my LIFE seen a spider so big!  And it was hairy too!  I was completely shocked by my reaction, I was scared, shaking, and nauseated..., it was WAY too big to step on, and it was moving!  OMG, what if it jumped on me! Did not want to lose track of it! I actually called my husband at work, and started crying! I was running back and forth from the living room, to the kitchen, back to living room to check that it was still there, back to the kitchen etc. For pete's sake, how irrational was that! My husband certainly wasn't going to come home to get rid of it, even though I was besides myself in utter horror, disgust, and fear. I ended up getting about half a roll of paper towels to dispose of it, because heaven forbid any part of it touch me, or me feel it moving around inside of it, or it escape, or it jump on my face like alien! I had already opened the front door in preparation of the big plan, scooped it up in half a forest of paper towels, ran out door and threw the whole wad as far as possible. I think I might have been kind of screaming during this process, it was very traumatic to say the least. The paper towels were still there when my husband came home.

It happened two more times. Ug. And every time I had the same physical reaction! But every time I knew it had to go, or I would never sleep! I tried the spray on the next one, holding down the button until it stopped moving. I had so much adrenaline in my system I could hardly depress the stupid thing. Again I was scared, shaking, and crying. And I was sick to my stomach because I was killing something. Once it finally stopped moving (and I could care less what the spray was doing to the carpet), I went to the kitchen to retrieve the paper towels. When I returned it was walking again!!!!! So again, whole thing in wad of paper towels to be thrown out the front door! 

My brother-in-law is also petrified of them. After I shared my experience with my mum-in-law she told me she had one of those spiders in her house, he would come out from behind her china cabinet every night about 8pm and walk across her room. She always said "hello Harry" to him as he passed by (yikes!). One night my brother and sister in-law were up for a visit, and while she was making tea in the kitchen she heard a great scream come from her son. As she dashed back to the living room she found him up on the couch in complete terror and my sister-in-law stomping the life out of poor Harry. My sides were splitting from laughter! I mean this guy is over six foot, to look at him you won't think he'd be scared of anything. When the story is retold in his company he goes into shivers at the memory! 

Where my sister and I grew up we would always get spiders in the bathroom, don't know why. At least they were the smaller, normal sized ones, not enough to prepare me for what I would come across in my adult life, but scary none the less. At night when we were getting ready for bed, she used to secure a wad of kleenex to the end of a long carnival stick with a rubber band (so she could reach the ceiling if need be), and go in to eliminate them before she would even contemplate showering/brushing teeth/using toilet. I would just stay out in the hallwall until she was done. And I'm the older sister!

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I remember one time my wife - who was scared of spiders or anything creepy-crawly - called me into her bedroom to kill a huntsman spider that was crawling about her ceiling. It was about 3 inches between outstretched legs, quite big as those spiders go.<br />
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I was very much into "all living things are kin" in those days, and didn't want to kill the spider by spraying it or whacking it. But they can move very quickly indeed. How they manage to run on a dusty ceiling upside down and keep their footing... well, I believe they have special hairs on the pads of their feet that enables that. <br />
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Anyway, I managed to coax it onto a folded newspaper and carry it from the room, but then it jumped off and went in a stair well, out of reach temporarily. Eventually my wife made such a fuss, I had to spray it; and was sincerely very sorry to see it crumple up and die. Awww! Poor thing! How would I have liked it done to me???<br />
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They are good for keeping the small flying insects under control, and seldom bother us humans except in our minds, or if we happen by mischance to surprise one and corner it. Of course, its irresponsible to leave the deadly poisonous ones in the house - for me, its out with the capture bottle and release far away!

I have heard tale that there is a statistic about how many spiders a person swallows in there sleep, but I would like to think that that has never happened to me! :)

I hate spiders, your story just made my skin crawl. The worst it when they are on the ceiling. I am so scared it is going to fall on me. I usually get the vaccume.