My Sailor Ditched Me

Today i woke up with that dull ache again and it took me a minute to understand why. Then when i realised he was gone emotions over run my tired body. I went from near tears to anger.
Time i think will become a good healer as the memory of him goes away. I have a few days to decide what im going to do. I believe i will wait till after the weekend. I should be in better emotions by then. I have sent a message saying il leave it till friday. Il do that but if he thinks that he can do this to me he is very wrong. 
Il get over this but its time to digest it.

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4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Yes i know what you mean about the not wanting to look for anything. There really is nothing worse than relationships ending abruptly. <br />
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Well any ways i wish you good luck.<br />
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I appreciate your advice very much. I just have a lot of trouble getting into new relationships. I don't really think about being in one for a while, then one suddenly presents itself and it makes me quite happy and then ends rather abruptly. Perhaps I am not emotionally mature enough to be part of one right now. I have a lot on my mind right now but like I said I appreciate your response and advice. Much love and peace to you.

Thank you for your comment!<br />
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Time is the only thing that can fix this kinder pain.<br />
Iv had this feeling for a week now quite in tense. It makes me feel like i don't want to go to bed because when i wake he will be the first on my mind. For a split second i forget then it comes flooding back.<br />
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Although i shouldn't really say this but Im a great believer in rebound relationships.<br />
If done correctly these type of relationship kinder plaster over the emotional wounds. I know it wouldn't remove this feeling all together but its a good start.<br />
Iv also started using advise from friends, i don't know if this is a girl thing but change your hair, listen to different music, remove everything that remains you of her away. This seems to have started to work for me.<br />
The best thing to do when you fall off the wagon is to just jump straight back on it. Im going to try dating as soon as possible, if i don't drag myself out i don't think i ever will<br />
There is nothing better to get a date is to already have one planned lol Id really do anything to get rid of this.<br />
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I hope that 2moro you awake better x

I can relate to that morning feeling you describe. I had similar feelings this morning. I fell for a particular girl. She didn't feel the same way. Now I feel like my world is over for some reason. Such pain I feel all over my body. Its not the normal type of pain either. It is the emotional pain of giving your heart to someone and then not getting it back.