Why Do Men Cheat?

I dont understand why men cheat. My boyfriend of now 3 years cheated on me a year into our relationship. He has had a history of doing that to most of his past girlfriends or was cheated on by them. But I'm not that kind of girl. I'm reliable, dependable, honest & trust-worthy. I'm an awesome catch. I forgave him & took him back since it seemed like there is something here for us to build upon. 2 years later, everything is goin great...but I still hang onto those feelings of anger & bitterness. Will it always be like this? I'd like to hear comments from those of you who have been cheated on or those who have ever cheated. Did it work out for you?
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1 Response Apr 5, 2008

Yeeeaaaaa.... I've been cheated on and left for older men in almost every relationship I've been in. So in all 3 relationships I've had I've been cheated on once, left for older men all three times. I hold my bitterness. It is hard to let go, I still remember. They just don't understand for all my flaws that I wouldn't leave them. When I'm on my death bed I'll remember that. <br />
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Those girls run away and don't realize that I could be the best to them, but they chose someone else in my place and say "we should just be friends". I resent that too.