Just Can't Let Things Go

I like to keep things, as long as I remember I have always kept things for memories. For example a guy I used to like took me to the cinema and I kept the ticket as a memory. My exboyfriend (frist love) gave me an ugly and cheap ring but I still keep it. I can tell you 1000 other things. Some people who see this say "why the heck are you still keeping this??" I've been told that I am having problems with letting things go. Maybe that is kind of weird but what is so wrong about it, it's not causing any trouble, it's not a bad thing. is it???

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6 Responses Jul 12, 2007

I used to keep everything thats given to me by my soon to be ex hubby.. and for 6 years I couldn't bin them. On the 7th year..first thing I removed was the wedding photo on the wall. The rest of the gifts he gave me.. I put them in the big box sealed. They will remain as memories of what was. I met another after my soon to be ex left this house... and he was a scum. I hated him so much because of the lies he told me and how he used me financially.. I bin all photos of him. The 3rd man I met.. will soon be over too.. Yea it is very sad and I don't know yet if I could bin the stuff he gave me.. Apart from my ex soon to be hubby.. this current man is someone I really love...but sad to say.. I will never have him. <br />
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So I guess if there is true love involved... it is difficutl to just bin the stuff he gave you. You can only put aside.<br />
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Yes I agree from some people. moving on means getting rid of all stuff thats related to the pain...but for some..they would like to look back and say 'hey isn't that a beautiful necklace' and then keep it in the box as usual...untouched.

Its good to keep things if they bring back lovely memories,but I recently threw away a whole load of info relating to a failed relationship I had for five years.<br />
It felt great to get rid of it.It took me 6 years to get over that relationship and I guess I had to wait that long before I could throw the things out!<br />
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The hardest things to keep/get rid of are those relating to family,I find.

Same here, I keep things as like movie tickets, notes, cards, you name it. I have emotional attatchments to them and I have a hard time letting go of them. When it comes to items from past relationships it is harder to get rid of them. I know that I should to be able to completely let go, but it is hard. Your not crazy.

I'm 32 years old and I'm the same way! You can imagine how many "things" I've acquired by now! I don't think that you should feel that there is anything wrong with what you are doing. Yes, emotional attachment to inanimate ob<x>jects is kinda crazy, but I also think it's pretty normal. Besides, nothing brings me more pleasure than happening upon those old ob<x>jects and re-living the memories attached to them. After all, aren't our memories our lives?

Well I don't know, I used to keep things but then I thought maybe if I can let go of the physial things then maybe it would help me emotionally...and guess what, it did. I've expanded my "brain box" since and i'm looking more to the future than the past. It may not be a bad thing but you have to draw a somwhere.

You can never un-love some one.....You might hate them, but you'll never un-love them. I keep things, like the love notes she'd put in my lunch box, or a lock of her hair,......so I can rmember the good more than the bad things. What you're doing is proof of a sweet, tender and faithful heart.