I Am My Worst Enemy

you know the solution to your own problem.  you know the right thing to do.  but it takes a lot of courage to follow your own advice.  sometimes it gets hard when it is all against your will.  you believe it's the most sensible thing to do but you still refuse to do it because you just can't make yourself do it.  i don't know.  i hope i made sense here. 

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thanks for the comment, proloy. :)

Life is not as cruel as we feel sometime. Sit down in an isolated room, close your eyes, try to concentrate on your breath only. Slowly u will reach to a stage of non-thinking. Give a command to your mind that 'Don't think for anything'. Initial few days, you may feel little impatient. After some time you will start getting beautiful ecstasy, hue and lustre. This process keeps the body and mind calm and serene. Please do this process everyday for 5 minutes initially. Gradually u can increase your time as per your convenience. Mind is a drunken monkey. So it's very difficult to tame one's mind. Here we call this process as 'meditation'. Every human being must keep some time for oneself only. That may be few minutes say 15-20 minutes every day. That's the time for contemplation, self-auditing and self-editing. It's is very much necessary to have a composed mind and good physical health. This is not at all a theory, many people including myself and practicing throughout and definitely got enough strength to overcome any odds of life. I am confident you will get a beautiful respite. All the best!!!

yer right. life can sometimes be so cruel. you sometimes have to learn the hard way. i am still struggling... trying to absorb everything. i need a nudge now and then, just to remind me that i should follow my own advice and that it's for my own good. :)

you make sense to me. I am my own worst enemy. I am in a situation now, that I know I need to get out of...but don't. Life is really hard and confusing, and we don't get a rehearsal or practice session. We just have to hit the ground running.<br />
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Try to figure out why you don't follow your own good advice. I mean really try to figure out what's behind it, there is a reason, and it may be very important and significant, it can turn out to be a key to something important for you.<br />
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There may be a real fear back there that needs to be addressed first, to unblock you.