Always Questioning My Desissions

Hi everyone,

I have always had trouble making decisions. Even when i do make a decision then i question if I have made the right decision. I then get overwhelmed. It can be something as simple as where to go for dinner.... I will suggest something but then i want to make everyone happy. Or more recently it was a big decision on if I should apply for a new job opening someone told me about. I love the company and what they stand for and the money is good but it would mean my husband and I would have to move and I'm not sure the position is appealing to me. I then decide no but then my mind can't stop the "am I making the right decision?" Its so overwhelming! I want to do the right thing, follow the path God has for me... Please tell me I'm not alone with this! 


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1 Response Aug 3, 2009

You're DEFINITELY not alone. I think a lot of the reason I'm this way is because my parents always have made it hard...and they often send me on guilt trips if I make the wrong one.<br />
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So I, like you, always fear making the wrong decision!