I Have Trouble

i have trouble making friends on ep i dont know why some of them hate me because im a muslim some of them say that my acts are childish some of them block me for no reason i have only few friends who respect me and im proud of it because they respect me and few think im racist but im not i hate when some one calls me a racist whats wrong if i love america will that make me a racist if they hate me so much they can block me but they have no rites to call me a racist those people act childish and they say that my acts are childish thats the reason i dont add anyone few days back i accepted a girl and she started telling me that she's going to florida to meet her boyfriend and she needs money so she told me contribute some money but i said that i stay in india and i cannot contribute and the other reason was that the value of dollar is really high compared to indian rupee i told her that im jobless so at the very moment she blocked me i dont need such types of fools who block you jus because you dont contribute money i hard a really hard time making friends on ep
Roadguy Roadguy
26-30, M
Sep 19, 2012