I actually tend to get along with people instantly, and I've never had trouble finding a topic that all the people involved are interested in.
The real Problem comes afterwards. I can't really remember peoples faces and have to rely on their clothing style or voice to recognize them.
Thus when meeting friends on the street, I tend to accidently ignore them.

Another thing I've always had difficulty with, is 'maintaining' human relationships.
I noticed that in order for a person to be friends with somebody, there are certain time intervals, in which it is expected of you to contact the other person.
Now I have always been perfectly fine with spending a few weeks on my own, before meeting up with somebody again.
But this tends to be interpreted as 'ignoring' or 'not caring' about them.
When a friend asks me to meet up and/or hang out, I'm usually happy and I do enjoy spending time with them. I just tend to forget to keep in contact with others. For me it makes no difference if it's been 2 days or a month since I last saw someone.

And thus what happens is that new people I've met exchanged numbers with and so on, even after they've often contacted me and we've had a lot of fun together, we start to slowly drift apart, until we finally don't see each other anymore.
Afrowolf Afrowolf
22-25, F
Aug 23, 2014