Why Oh Why Is It So Hard Sometimes

i have alot of trouble moving on from my husband who cheated on me and lied to me, but sometimes i want him back and am so scared to move on to someone else incase it happens to me again, i feel like maybe iam all the problem and that there is something wrong with me cause i seem to find really bad guys for me and no nice ones that will stay around. y is it so hard to move on from someone who you gave your heart and life to and had kids with all to have it taken away in a heart beat and even though he has moved on i feel so upset and cranky that he is happy and iam not. i try so hard to b happy and move on but everything i do dosent seem enough :( i just wish my life was different and i didnt waste nearly 10 years of my life on someone who didnt care bout me like i did him. but day by day i will b strong and i will try my hardest to b happy and b postive bout my future.
thanx for reading my ranbling crap :)
gamerchick03 gamerchick03
26-30, F
Sep 13, 2012