Truly Excruciating..

This pain is truly excruciating. Watching the person whom i love so much in someone else's arms. How could a heart who always loved truly can endure and survive this trauma? These days i cant even breathe right, the pain in my heart is so bad, that i can pysically feel it in my chest.
Off all the pain that i endured and survived until now, i don't know whether this time i can survive this :(
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Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment Badogma :)

The betrayel of intimacy and trust is world shattering and makes you question everything about yourself... in short, it sucks... big time.<br />
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But as with every grief and low point, our perception changes ...hell, we are different people from one minute to the next-influenced by other's thoughts and our own.<br />
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Find someone who influences your thoughts and self perception for the better, someone who is actually committed to making you feel loved and happy, not someone who discards relationships like fast food wrappers. <br />
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That's hard to find, and even when found it might not last forever, but it's the only thing that truly matters and it's how we come to know and love ourselves.<br />
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I just lost a love of many years, too, and I plan to use this time to explore. The pain does fade, like everything else.

Thanks Easter for always being such a sweet friend. :)

Thank you so much :)

i hope you again fell in love with someone who admire your love for him.

love people who loves you... :-)

Thank you so much for your Kind words :)

you must keep your head high <br />
stand up for yourself and remove the pain with your mind<br />
i know it is not easy to do when you love a person <br />
but first think of yourself<br />
then the other person <br />
you will see it will change<br />
you are the important one