I Have No Reason In the Wor...

I have no reason in the world to be unhappy. The people in my life are amazing, the experiences I have had and am having are great, there are no serious tragedies. And yet, in the middle of what should be the happiest most satisfying times, I feel dissatisfied - not truly happy.

I  was watching Vicky Christina Barcelona today, and  Penelope Cruz's character accuses Scarlet Johannsen's character of having "chronic dissatisfaction."  I think that's what I have.

I  can never just enjoy the moment and what's in front of me. Instead, my mind has already moved past the present, drifting off to plan the next big thing or dwell on the past. So, what's the secret to being truly happy?  Anybody know? Or is anybody truly, one hundred perecent satisfied in the now?

caityj caityj
Feb 27, 2009