I Just Can't Do It!!!

I have trouble talking to people I know already. I mean talk to anybody that knows me, family, friends, teachers, school/hosital staff, and they well ALL tell you I do not talk much if any. I've been "shy" all my life. I simply do not talk. So imagine putting me infront of bunch of people I barely know, and probably never talked to and give a speach or a presentation, or something. I simply can not do it. 

I had to talk to my assistant principal about something, and instead of talking to him I went to my teacher and pretty much begged her to talk to him for me, because I was far too terrified to do it myself.

I do not ask teachers for help unless I really know them, and even then I have trouble with that. From stories I tell friends or family they seem suprised that I'm like that at school. I talk to my teachers and usaully have funny stories to tell, but I'm not like that all the time.

Talking is not one of my best qualities.

SerenityDolphins SerenityDolphins
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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Yeah I've been told that too. That those who are quite are great listeners, and they tend to make better friends. But who knows. Theres always that one person that wants me to talk. <br />
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There was this meeting , the principals were there, along with the counselor, teacher, nurse, and so on. But anywho there was one questioned directed at my teacher, "Does she get in any trouble?" And my teacher says, "For her to get in trouble, she'd actually have to talk." Peope sometimes see it as a good thing, while others get offended. It just all depends on who you're dealing with.