About a year or so i walked in on my dad watching ****. I freaked out and told my mom. My mom spoked to my dad and he said he promised he would never do it again. A few months go by and i walked in on him again. i freaked out even more because his word means the world to me. I see my dad differently because he lied to me. Its hard to trust him again. He told me he wouldn't use the computer anymore as his punishment. So far up until tonight he was doing fine. I was proud of him..slowly gaining my trust back. But tonight, i walked in the computer room with the lights out and i was looking for my best friends keys. So i walked in turn the lights on and my dad was sitting on the computer chair and just looking at me. He gave me the same look he gave me when i caught him twice. He quickly got up and looked at me and said what are you doing? I said i was just looking for my friends keys. He responds and says there not here. I was still looking for my friends keys..but i was shocked..i didn't know what to say. I asked him what are you doing..he says reading..and i thought..with the lights out? How could that be? I was so mad i just left the room. I don't know whether to believe him or not. All i know is that he has lied before to me. I don't know what to do about it tomorrow. I'm going to have to face him. I just wished that i had a regular dad.
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**** is an addiction, if you want him to stop support is the answer!

Just show him love and caring. It is his business, which we are his children should not involve. We should find the reason why he is doing this. We may start doing some social activities with him. We can invite him to go for a walk in the park. We should find out what he likes beside what he is doing. Every movement has a force behind it. Cheers,